Ultimate Speed Math – A Math Car Racing Game

Ultimate Speed Math – A Math Car Racing Game

PressRelease) ezPaycheck 2011, small business payroll software, is affordable but fully functional software designed for the small business owners or cpas. The software can be obtained for free download and trial – with no risk or obligation. Lots of people who begin their own successful businesses are intelligent, have field experience and an entrepreneur nature to get things done. However, as it pertains to bookkeeping, and in particular payroll software, they often stumble. ezPaycheck 2011 Payroll Software from halfpricesoft.com is released in time to help small businesses and accountants to manage the newest tax changes on Tax Relief Act signed by President Obama. An incredible number of workers will see their take-home pay rise during 2011 because the Tax Aid, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 supplies a two percentage point payroll tax cut for employees, reducing their Social Security tax withholding rate from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent of wages paid. This reduced Social Security withholding will not have any effect on the employee’s future Social Security benefits IRS asks that companies start using the new withholding tables and reducing the amount of Social Security tax withheld as soon as possible in 2011 but not later than Jan. 31, 2011. “For over ten years I was a programmer and consultant,” says Dr Ge. “During that time I found many small business owners regularly had one thing in common, no matter their industry: They were frightened to reach new accounting applications and payroll software programs because they were generally too big or too sophisticated for his or her demands.” With that in your mind, Dr Ge went to work on what he calls a simple but powerful application that is easy-to-use and geared to payroll tax issues or small business payroll.

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He includes that many accounting software applications are bloated with features the small business users do not need and never use. Not only does this make the software bulky to operate, clarifies Dr Ge, but in addition, it drives up the price of the software. For example, some programs can sell for around $700 compared to his latest variant ezPaycheck Payroll software 2011 for just under $100. For many small business users, they simply don’t want http://oemsoftwarestore.org/ many of the functions associated with such bigger software. Dr Ge is so particular that small businesses will locate the benefits of ezPaycheck 2011 that Halfpricesoft.com offers a trial offer. For 30 days users can attempt all the features totally free before they decide buy it. Furthermore, additionally they offer three other creations for the small business owner – ezCheckPrinting, ezTimeSheet and ezW2, which Dr Ge says are also user-friendly for owners who aren’t bookkeeping or I.T.

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Visitors also can locate things that are free, payroll supplies and checks like packing slip templates or invoice templates at the website. “For most small businesses in the world there really has not been a straightforward, dependable payroll application until ezPaycheck. So it’s a fantastic feeling knowing that we save small businesses money on their payroll software needs. What is even better, though, is understanding we make their life less frustrating and save them much needed time.” To find out more about ezPaycheck payroll software, please visit or visit the video “ezPaycheck, the powerful payroll solution” Around halfpricesoft.com Halfpricesoft.com is a leading provider of small business software, including payroll applications, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2/1009 software, and barcode generating software. Today Applications from halfpricesoft.com are trusted by thousands of users and help small business owners simplify their payroll processing and business direction. Source: –

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